A life in your hands.

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We offer an innovative take on first aid.


Use a smart device to scan your wounds using SamariAID. Stabilize injuries and mitigate damage without first aid experience.

59% of pre hospital deaths were preventable if first aid procedure was followed.

Save lives as a parent or caregiver.

Protect your children with a quick solution during an emergency.

57% of people surveyed said they would neglect proper first aid procedures for an injured child and would instead wait for an ambulance.

Accessible when you need it most.

SamariAID operates without internet and is available in the palm of your hand.

Over 10,000 hiking injuries are reported in the US anually. SamariAID can assist in times of emergency where internet access is unavailable.

What can we help with?

Abdominal and Toe Wounds Burns
Exipdermolysis Bulls Extravasation
Foot Ulcers Hemangioma
Leg Ulcers Malignant wounds
Meningitis Orthopedic Wounds
Pilonidal Sinus Pressure Ulcers
  1. Abdominal and Toe Wounds
  2. Burns
  3. Exipdermolysis Bulls
  4. Extravasation
  5. Foot Ulcers
  6. Hemangioma
  7. Leg Ulcers
  8. Malignant wounds
  9. Meningitis
  10. Orthopedic Wounds
  11. Pilonidal Sinus
  12. Pressure Ulcers

Recieve an immediate diagnosis and first aid instructions.

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